News one: New Release coming soon

We are glad to announce that Silver Key is now entering in studio for the recording sessions of our new release. Stay tuned folks ;-)

News Two: Welcome to Dino

It is a great pleasure to introduce to you our new Singer Dino Procopio author of the lyrics and vocals of the upcoming third album of Silver Key.

Dino born in Reggio Calabria on 1980. Since he was young he develops passion for singing, playing in some bands prog oriented. Sound tracks of his childhood are Queen and Dream Theatre up to Pink Floyd, Area and Genesis that represent his own musical inspiration today. A more concrete experience in singing happens for him on 2015 that bring our Dino to test himself in many prog rock cover bands. On August 2017 Dino audition for Silver Key and He finally starts working with us on our upcoming release.

Help us to Welcoming him !

News Three: Now Mastering

We are really happy and excited to announce that recording sessions of the upcoming third album of Silver Key have been finally closed. They were very passionate sessions, with a lot of powerful discussions and interactions, giving us the best mutual benefits to achieve a very high level product!

We are now under mastering processes, we are trying to give you the best audio experience possible, so you can enjoy our new product at its best!

New Release is very close now, stay tuned!