New Live in Seriate (BG) with Le Orme!

We are very honored to open the concert of Le Orme, historical progressive group from 60/70's, in one of the date of their The Last World Tour 2020. They are finally back to celebrate 55 years of activity, and we are really proud to be part of the event. The concert will take place on February 28th, 2020 - 09:00pm.

Join us at Cineteatro Gavazzeni - Piazza Cattaneo 1, Seriate (BG). Ticket available on TicketOne or directly at the theatre.

We'll be very happy to share this incredible event with all of you! Don't miss it out!

New Live in Seriate (BG) with Le Orme! ***CANCELLED***

We are very sad to announce that the concert of Le Orme planned for February 28th 2020 in Seriate (BG) has been cancelled due to the latest Government restrictions.

A new date is being planned, we'll inform you as soon as it'll be fixed and confirmed. Stay tuned!

Progressive Rock against Covid-19

Today we don't want to talk about music, not even about fear or anguish, or about that uncertainty that already pervades dramatically our families, our time, our region, our country.

We want to witness the silence interrupted by the sound of bells and the sirens of ambulances; from the beating of the hearts of volunteers who restlessly give their help.

We want to do something concrete by establishing a fundraising campaign for the benefit of the White Cross and its angels. We invite our friends, especially those with whom we share a love of progressive music, to help us achieve our goal.

Musician friends, share the following link with the people who have always supported you. We are trying with strength and enthusiasm to do something important.

LET THEM HELP US, click on GoFundme

Thank you so much.

Progressive Rock against Covid-19 Closed

The campaign reached its end and is now closed. We did not reach the goal we targeted but we are still very happy with the result. Thanks to you we have collected € 855 which will be entirely donated to the White Cross.

It was an important moment for us and we also think for you; we thank again those who participated with an offer or even just by sharing the initiative.

We wish you all the best, hoping to be able to return to live together and make music soon; we are still continuing the musical journey that we started years ago, always trusting in your support and listening.

With love and gratitude.

Silver Key